Momentum Tour 2019: Lima

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The GAN Momentum Tour is a five-stop global tour that will focus on creating opportunities for startups to succeed and gain traction, wherever they are. Accelerators, corporate partners, investors, and startups will all be in the room to talk about ways to achieve our vision: That startups will have all of the human and financial capital they need to create powerful businesses and make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home.

Datos adicionales

  • Costo: El evento tiene un costo

Datos generales

  • Organizador: UTEC VENTURES
  • Fecha: 26 de Septiembre de 2019
  • Hora: 8:00 AM
  • Región: Lima
  • Dirección: UTEC Ventures Jr. Medrano Silva 165 Barranco 15063

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